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Paper Shredder, Currency Counting Machine Chennai, Lamination Machine, Note Sorting Machine, Comb Binding Machines, Currency Detector, Spiral Binding Machine, Strapping Machine, Cash Counting Machine, Loose Note Counting Machine, Bundle Note Counting Machines, Money Counter, Paper Shredding Machines, Office Paper Shredders, Heavy duty Paper Shredding Machine in India


  • Manual paper feed
  • Automatic on/off function
  • Material: shock resistant plastic
  Capacity (sheets/h)   1800
  Standard paper formats (DIN)   A4
  Paper weight (g/m²)   60-90
  Manual paper feed   Upto 3 sheets
  Power Consumption   110 vac, 60 Hz
  Weight   4,5 Kg
  Warranty on machine   2 Years
  Dimensions (cm)   15 H x 31 W x 14 D
  • Manual paper feed
  • Collecting bin included in delivery
  • Material: shock resistant plastic, metal
  Capacity (sheets/h)   4000
  Standard paper formats (DIN)   A5, A4
  Special paper sizes - Width   120 - 216 mm
  Special paper sizes - Length   180 - 300 mm
  Paper weight (g/m²)   60-105
  Manual paper feed   Upto 3 sheets
  Feed table capacity   50 sheets
  Weight   9,1 Kg
  Warranty on machine   2 Years
  Dimensions (cm)   19 H x 33 W x 27 D
  • Automatic paper feed
  • Convenient and accurte adjustment of formats and fold types
  • Material: shock resistant plastic, metal
  Capacity (sheets/h)   10300
  Standard paper formats (DIN)   A5, A4, A3
  Special paper sizes - Width   95 - 300 mm
  Special paper sizes - Length   150 - 435 mm
  Paper weight (g/m²)   60-240
  Feed table capacity   250 sheets
  Weight   9,1 Kg
  Warranty on machine   2 Years
  Dimensions (cm)   32 H x 54 W x 43 D
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